Scooting from East to West…

10.00 Monday 7 May
Leave Essex base and head for the open road, via fuel station for a top-up.

Adjust load – steering is very light, and I am carrying a heavy pack on my back – relocate to footboards between my feet. Payload successfully evenly distributed and I’m away again.

Pull up in Colchester, a mere 12 miles from base. I need to use SAT NAV, without any doubt, if I am to make it out of the county. I plug in Bluetooth headset and set Googlemaps for my first scheduled stopping place. And on I go.

Things certainly got easier from that point and I began to make good time. I started to get a feel for the road and confidence built, mile after mile. It was not an easy journey by any means, but I reached my first night’s stopover with time to spare. What happened over the 110 miles from Colchester opened my mind and my heart. It also made me a far better rider. I’ll be writing about it in more detail when I return to Essex in a week’s time.

Fifty hours after leaving Essex, I rode into Montgomeryshire – Home. I stopped to take a photograph to prove it, then enjoyed every single mile further into my home patch, arriving at my final destination less than an hour later.


This was my first solo journey of more than twelve miles from base, a grand total of 330 miles travelled, and in another week, I’ll be leaving Wales behind for a while and travelling back to Essex. On the way I’m going to be making a stopover at the Hay Festival in Hay-on-Wye. It’s one of those ‘Bucket List’ things. In all the years I lived in Wales, I never managed to get to the festival, so now is my chance. More on my return about my adventures in Hay.