An interview and two reviews…

The last two weeks have been both eventful and uneventful – in equal measure, for me. First, I have had an interview in respect of a PhD place at the University of Essex to continue my writing work there, and have been accepted and offered a place on the course. I have accepted the offer. In October 2017, I will embark upon a great adventure – three years of writing and research – and I am super excited about it.

The day after my interview, I bent down to pick up a sock from the floor (I have four sons – I’ve done this on virtually a daily basis for the last thirty years) and the most awful sound came from my back, accompanied by searing pain. I thought I might be stuck on the ground until someone walked past me but being the bloody-minded person that I am, and in no uncertain terms wanting to be found in such a state by one of my sons, I dragged myself up off the floor using the kitchen counter tops and managed not to throw up in the process. I have never felt pain like it. I had flashbacks of my husband hurting his back thirty years ago whilst unloading a lorry full of parcels in the yard at my parents-in-law’s house. They used a pallet on a forklift truck to lift a chair up to him and his father and brother lifted him on to it before delivering the pallet to the back door, manhandling him, still on the chair, into the kitchen and calling the doctor. The GPs advice was for him to be taken to bed and laid with a board under his mattress – for as long as it took. Six or more months of osteopathy later, he was still in pain.

Now I’m not being funny but this was less than 48 hours before Christmas. I just didn’t have time to be taking to my bed, so I stood up, screamed in pain, got some help to put my walking boots on and off out I went – my hiking poles hiding the fact that I could not have put one foot in front of the other without the support they gave. I walked, half a mile, then walked back again and collapsed in a heap in an armchair. I took copious amounts of pain relief; of almost every sort I could find in the cupboard. The wheat pack was thrown into the microwave, time after time till it started to smell rather over-cooked, then I reached for the TENS machine and kept on pressing those buttons till I could feel nothing but the buzzing throughout my body and then I slipped into a fitful sleep. A couple of hours later, hubby jabbed me in the ribs with his elbow and asked if I would like to go to bed. I growled ‘yes please,’ and limped my way up the stairs.

As it turns out, the best thing I could have done was to keep on the move and though I am still sore now, a week later, I am on the mend and back to walking three miles a day, albeit in two shifts. This has pretty much destroyed my carefully constructed training schedule, not to mention giving my faith in my ability to walk Sarn Helen a good shake. But I’m still determined I will do it, in April, as planned – you watch and see!

Santa delivered small gifts for each of us this year. Hubby and I now have fitness tracker bracelets to ensure we both get up and move about more. They have received varying welcomes. Mine is a EFOSHM ( currently priced at £29.99, though less than half that when Santa purchased it. It works well with my iPhone 6 and the app does a fine job of showing how well (or not) I am doing. It records the number of steps taken each day, the number of calories burned, a goal for the number of steps I need to walk each day, and analyses my sleep patterns when worn at night. I can also track my activity via GPS through the app if I wish to. I can program several different activities and set sedentary alarms to buzz on my wrist if I sit still for too long. It has proved simple to use and at the price, something I am very happy with. The biggest negative is that when worn at night, when you move your wrist, the display lights up and being a mum who is used to being on the alert all night for many years, it disturbs my sleep, so I take it off at night to prevent that happening.

Hubby’s bracelet is also a heart rate monitor by TINCINT …( ) currently priced at £27.99, though rather less than that when Santa purchased it a few weeks ago. This one has not been such a success I’m afraid. Hubby tried for several hours with much swearing and cursing, to pair it with his Android phone – it refused to pair with the phone and crashed the app each time he tried. Now Santa is a canny chap and had tried it out when it arrived from Amazon, though on his iPhone, so he knew the darned thing worked. The next thing we tried was to load up the iPhone app on hubby’s iPad and try to pair the bracelet again – bingo! This is working well though the app is clunky and does not do as much as mine. Reviews on the Android app prove we are not alone in this as they are mostly dismal. Again, we had an issue with night time illumination. Hubby took his bracelet off in the night and put it on his nightstand, only to find that once it was not on his wrist, the heart rate sensors have green lights that flash on and off like a belisha beacon, searching for a heartbeat – it got tossed on the floor under the bed for the night.

Overall, I think we will both make good use of these gizmos and hopefully they will guide us toward more healthy activity levels. Please note, these reviews are my own opinions and have not been solicited by anyone. They may not match with your experiences but are an accurate reflection of mine.